My name is…Eric.

I am from…Maine, USA. Born in 1984.

But now I live in…Ontario, Canada (long story) with my wife and baby daughter.

For work I…sell medical devices. Sounds greasy but it’s actually a great gig. I get to be in an operating room all day and I love it. Before that I was a strength and conditioning coach for about nine years. Also great gig but I got tired of it.

My out-of-the-box strengths are…focus, patience, endurance, and analytical problem solving.

My out-of-the-box faults are…insecurity, inability to balance, highly judgmental. Working on these.

I know how to… program HTML/CSS/JS, play the guitar, juggle, and design training programs for just about any sport.

I wish I knew how to…speak German, play the piano, build furniture.

I struggle with…gratitude, balance, initiative, optimism, and finishing books.

I have no problem with…doing absolutely nothing for long periods of time. Physical discomfort. Eating the same meals every day.

I love…early morning runs. When my wife sneezes (she averages 7 per episode). The comedy of Louis CK. The movies of Christopher Nolan. The writing of Tim Kreider. The flavor combination of ribeye steak and cabernet.

I hate…people who say fantabulous. Cooking. Closed-mindedness.

I fear…losing a loved one. Being homeless. Losing my health. Spiders.

I’m writing this blog…because I love thinking about thinking, and writing helps me do that better. But more importantly, because I love to teach and pass on what I learn.

You can contact me… by email or on twitter.